Fish Wars in Indonesia

Fauzan Ijazah

In the tropical seas around the Indonesian archipel a war is being waged. Illegal fishing on a huge scale has robbed Indonesia of an estimated US-$ 3.2 billion annually through poaching by syndicates from Thailand, China and the Philippines.

The Maritime and Fishery ministry was established to develop Indonesia`s maritime sector. Their patrol efforts have helped to limit the number of illegal vessels.

Fauzan Ijazah for Infocus Asia (IFA) and National Geographic Channel

Bangladesh: Facing Rising Seas

Paolo Patrizi
Paolo Patrizi

As we continue our dangerous experiment with the Earth’s climate, it’s expected that extreme weather and natural disasters will become more frequent and intense. The water cycle will become so unpredictable that droughts, floods and rising sea levels could cripple entire cities and countries.

With its low elevation and severe tropical storms, Bangladesh is among the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, though it has contributed little to the emissions that are driving it.

Store wars: Hong Kong’s extreme storage solutions

Michael Wolf

Pak choi drying on a fence, ducks dangling off a balcony and precarious potted plants hanging up high. Enter the astonishingly crammed alleyways of Hong Kong where people battle for space, as captured by photographer Michael Wolf.