Store wars: Hong Kong’s extreme storage solutions


Michael Wolf

Pak choi drying on a fence, ducks dangling off a balcony and precarious potted plants hanging up high. Enter the astonishingly crammed alleyways of Hong Kong where people battle for space, as captured by photographer Michael Wolf.

Air Pollution Turned Chinese City Into a Ghost Town


James Whitlow Delano

The city of Handan in Hebei province is the birthplace of Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of China. That illustrious history isn’t apparent today. Aging, coal-burning steel factories belch grime over the city of 1 million, one of China’s 10 most polluted. Dotting the downtown area are half-constructed high-rises, relics of a property bubble that started more than five years ago but was finally punctured last summer after the central government in Beijing curtailed credit and developers stopped paying creditors. Locals who lost their savings in dodgy real estate investments regularly block city streets in angry protests, demanding their money back from the developers. (James Whitlow Delano)

My Lai: The Scene of the Crime



There is a long ditch in the village of My Lai. On the morning of March 16, 1968, it was crowded with the bodies of the dead—dozens of women, children, and old people, all gunned down by young American soldiers. Now, forty-seven years later, the ditch at My Lai seems wider than I remember from the news photographs of the slaughter: erosion and time doing their work. (The New Yorker)