‚I feel a part of me being lost‘: readers‘ stories of the Nepal earthquake

Wout de Jong/GuardianWitness
Wout de Jong/GuardianWitness

Wout de Jong was travelling with his partner when the earthquake struck. They were near the town of Bandipur, about 80km outside Kathmandu. „We are a Dutch couple traveling in Nepal.
We we were just outside a big cave just outside of Bandipur when everything started rumbling. The shaking became unreal and went on for such a long time. When we got back to the village over 20 houses
were down and people were panicing with every aftershock. Screaming and running out of their houses. Our guesthouse wall was out and our beds full of bricks and rubble. Right now people here sleep outside
in tents close to bonfires. Mostly the poor people have been struck by the earthquake with their badly build houses reduced to rubble. Some tourists took it up themselves to help where they can but it’s still dangerous
and some buildings still go down due to aftershocks. So far we don’t know what the conditions of the roads are and are suggested to stay where we are until the minor shocks calm down.“
( Sent via guardian witness By Wout De Jong, 27 April 2015, 10:56)

Wout de Jong/GuardianWitness
Wout de Jong/GuardianWitness


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