„Exploited for Profit“ – Indonesian domestic workers in Hong Kong

Robert Godden

Hong Kong has 300,000 migrant domestic workers, half of whom come from Indonesia. The vast majority are young women employed by families as caregivers to children and the elderly. Many face exploitation at the hands of unscrupulous recruitment agencies, loan companies and employers. Despite a wealth of evidence from the UN, ILO and human rights organisations, the Government of Hong Kong refuses to acknowledge the scale of the problem and its role in exasperating the situation. In response, Indonesian migrant domestic workers have organised themselves to fight for their rights through forming trade unions and protest. Much of this work is done during the one statutory day-off they receive, and takes place in and around Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island. (by Robert Godden)

Robert Godden 


Robert Godden is a photographer and human rights activist. Formerly with Amnesty International, he is the founder of the Rights Exposure Project which brings together a range of audio-visual professionals with local knowledge and international experience. Their region of specialization is Asia, with thematic expertise in migrant workers rights & trafficking for labour exploitation and forced labour. 

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