Photo festival director sacked after a flood of sexual harassment allegations emerge online

Very good round-up about the sexual harassment allegations against Manik Katyal and so important that women and men stand up when something like this happens. I raise my hat to ARITRY DAS, who had the courage to make the allegations public.

I would be careful though about transferring this onto the whole documentary photography scene – unfortunately this happens in every profession and surrounding. Our business is male dominated by photographers but female dominated by the decision makers – I would suggest, 70 to 80% of the photo editors and directors are women. Thus I would be surprised if this is more common here than in any other profession and I hope that this is a single case (which does not make it any better of course).

For the future, I hope that especially young women but also men photographers will be encouraged to complain instantly – you see the power of social media is incredible and no one, who is doing the same in the future, can feel safe anymore. Be aware, the only thing matters are your photos!!! There is no one that important in the business that he or she could prevent you from becoming a successful photographer. (by Dirk Claus)

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